2015. június 6., szombat

Labor in the Ancient World

Piotr Steinkeller, Michael Hudson (eds.): Labor in the Ancient World. ISLET-Verlag

A tartalomból:

Introduction. Labor in the Early States: An Early Mesopotamian Perspective (Piotr Steinkeller)

Home and Work in Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia: “Ration Lists” and “Private Houses” at Tell Beydar/Nadaba (Walther Sallaberger, Alexander Pruß)

The Employment of Labor on National Building Projects in the Ur III Period (Piotr Steinkeller)

Building Larsa: Labor Value, Scale and Scope-of-Economy in Ancient Mesopotamia (Seth Richardson)

Hired Labor in the Neo-Assyrian Empire (Karen Radner)

Labor in Babylonia in the First Millennium BC (Michael Jursa)

Labor and the Pyramids. The Heit el-Ghurab “Workers Town” at Giza (Mark Lehner)

Problems of Authority, Compulsion, and Compensation in Ancient Egyptian Labor Practices (Ogden Goelet)

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