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Konferencia: Translation and Bilingualism in ANE texts

A Workshop on Translation and Bilingualism in Ancient Near Eastern texts

Sponsored by the Lorne Thyssen Research Fund at Wolfson College, Oxford, and the London Centre for the Ancient Near East

Dates: Thursday, 14 March to Saturday, 16 March 2013
Place: Wolfson College, Oxford, in the Buttery on Thursday afternoon, in the Haldane Room on Friday and Saturday

Provisional Programme

Thursday March 14th

2pm Introduction by Stephanie Dalley and Jacob Dahl

2.30 Jon Taylor (British Museum) “Hidden voices and twisted tongues: the Mesopotamian lexical list tradition”

3.30 Mark Weeden (SOAS) “The Gilgamesh fragments from Hattusa: translation, paraphrase or an entirely different composition?”

4.30 tea

5.00 Wouter Henkelman (Paris) “Recent work on the Elamite version of the Bisitun inscription”

6.00 summing up

Friday March 15th

9.00 Marwan Kilani (Oxford) “The Astarte Papyrus : an Egyptian version of the confrontation between the Storm God and the Sea.” (Ugaritic and Egyptian)

10.00 Klaus Wagensonner (Oxford) “Lugal-e. Exploiting Ninurta's Deeds: A look on transmission and translation of a Sumerian mythological text”

11.00 coffee

11.30 Martin Worthington (Cambridge) “Gilgamesh Narratives, Sumerian and Akkadian”

12.30 lunch

2.00 Jana Matuszak (Tübingen) “How to deal with old-fashioned proverbs? Old Babylonian editions of the Early Dynastic Proverb Collection 1”

3.00 Ilya Yakubovich (Marburg) “The Çineköy inscription” (Luwian and Phoenician)

4.00 tea

4.30 Christopher Metcalf (SOAS and Oxford) “A trilingual Storm-god text from Hattusa” (Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite)

5.30 summing up

Saturday March 16th

9.00 Bert van der Spek (Amsterdam) “Berossus as Babylonian interpreter of Babylonian Civilization for a Greek audience”

10.00 Luigi Prada (Oxford) “Translating an ancient Egyptian best seller in Roman Egypt: The Greek version of the Legend of Tefnut”

11.00 coffee

11.30 closing discussion

There will be a small catering charge, at a subsidised price in the region of £15-£21.50, for participants other than the speakers. Thanks to the generosity of the London Centre for the Ancient Near East, extra subsidies will be available to students. Please be sure to email Selena Wisnom (selena.wisnom at orinst.ox.ac.uk) by March 1st if you wish to attend.

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