2013. szeptember 28., szombat

Ritual Landscapes of Ancient Egypt

The Birmingham Egyptology Symposium will be an annual event, initially of one day duration, held at the University during the Spring Term.

It is anticipated that the event will provide a platform for postgraduate researchers in Egyptology at the University to gain experience in presenting their work and, additionally, provide opportunity to develop skills in conference management. The Symposium will also invite contributions from postgraduate students from other institutions and from early career scholars.

We invite papers for the first symposium, to be held on Friday 21st February 2014, on the broad theme  of  ‘Ritual Landscapes in Ancient Egypt’.

Presentations may take the form of a 15 minute paper or a research poster. Abstracts should be no more than 300 words in length, and should be submitted by Friday 18th October 2013 to enquiries@birminghamegyptology.co.uk, to be reviewed by the organising committee. Confirmation of the decision therewith will be emailed by Friday 15th November 2013.

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