2013. szeptember 18., szerda

Egyptian Archaeology 43

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A. Graham  - K. Strutt: Ancient Theban temple and palace landscapes 

T. Sandiford
: Ptolemaic houses at Abydos

J. F. A. García: The tomb of Horimin

R. Bianchi: From a tomb at Haragah to St Louis, Missouri

F. Tiradritti: The cenotaph of Harwa: archaism and innovation

M. Bárta: A new family cemetery at Abu Sir South

M. Drzewiecki: Fortress Commandants of the kingdom of Kush

C. Traunecker - I. Régen The funerary palace of Padiamenope at Thebes 
S. Einaudi - D. Werning:
TT33: the Book of the Dead and the Book of Caverns

S. Dhennin - B. Redon: Plinthine on Lake Mareotis. Inset box: M. Boussac: The identification of Kom el-Nugus as Plinthine

O. J Schaden - E. L Ertman KV 63: the glass inlay decoration on Iny’s coffin

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