2013. szeptember 5., csütörtök

Heaven on Earth

D. Ragavan (ed.): Heaven on Earth: Temples, Ritual, and Cosmic Symbolism in the Ancient World. OIS 9. Chicago

A tartalomból:

Hints at Temple Topography and Cosmic Geography from Hittite Sources (Susanne Görke)

Intrinsic and Constructed Sacred Space in Hittite Anatolia (Gary Beckman)

“We Are Going to the House in Prayer”: Theology, Cultic Topography, and Cosmology in the Emesal Prayers of Ancient Mesopotamia (Uri Gabbay)

Temporary Ritual Structures and Their Cosmological Symbolism in Ancient Mesopotamia (Claus Ambos)

Sacred Space and Ritual Practice at the End of Prehistory in the Southern Levant (Yorke M. Rowan)

Egyptian Temple Graffiti and the Gods: Appropriation and Ritualization in Karnak and Luxor (Elizabeth Frood)

The Transformation of Sacred Space, Topography, and Royal Ritual in Persia and the Ancient Iranian World (Matthew P Canepa)

The Cattlepen and the Sheepfold: Cities, Temples, and Pastoral Power in Ancient Mesopotamia (Ömür Harmansah)

Sources of Egyptian Temple Cosmology: Divine Image, King, and Ritual Performer (John Baines)

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