2009. január 25., vasárnap

Az 55. RAI

A Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale 55. konferenciáját Párizsban rendezik (Collège de France), 2009. július 6. és 9. között. Témája a következő lesz:

Family in the Ancient Near East: Realities, Symbolisms, and Images

This subject can be approached in various ways, and has not been treated as such in the Rencontres’ already long history. Of course, one may first of all think about contributions in social history: though family is no longer at the core of anthropologists’ concerns, it obviously played a central role in Ancient Near Eastern societies. And there are many sources of study, thanks — notably — to archives found in numerous houses from the end of the third millennium to the Hellenistic period. Royal families will be given special attention in order to find out the extent to which they display particular features not found in other contemporary families. The family metaphor for relationships between rulers (“fathers” and “sons,” or “brothers”) will also be studied, as well as family relationships within the Sumerian pantheon. Art history will concern itself with family representations which, being rare, are all the more precious. Archaeologists will be able to present the problem of graves in and outside of houses, and the difficulties of palaeo-demography. Numerous other themes will no doubt be treated, for subject matter is not lacking.

Természetesen ettől eltérő témákkal is lehet jelentkezni. Az absztraktleadási határidő 2009. május 1.

A konferencia honlapja, további részletes információkkal itt.

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