2012. szeptember 11., kedd

Call for papers: Res Antiquae

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Call for papers

Submissions are solicited for the 10th Volume (2013) of the journal Res Antiquae, that will be a special issue around the theme:

"The rural World during the ancient Mediterranean Culture: Right/Laws, Religion, Trade, Practices"
"La ruralité dans la Méditerranée antique: droit, religion, commerces, pratiques"

We enthusiastically invite scholars in fields associated with Antiquity to present their research. We accept papers from a variety of disciplines and welcome comparative and interdisciplinary approaches. It can be given in English, French, Italian or German.

The deadline for submissions is 1st March 2013. Articles must be submitted electronically as email attachments to editions at safran.be, with illustrations, abstract, keywords, full name, affiliation and contact information. Authors should follow the regular guidelines, which are detailed here.

Potential participants are asked to send a concise description to Rene.Lebrun at uclouvain.be until 15 December 2012.

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