2009. május 22., péntek

Konferencia: Egypt in its African Context

A Manchester Museum (University of Manchester) 2009 október 3-án és 4-én kétnapos szimpóziumot szervez Egypt in its African Context címmel. A felkért előadók és az előzetes bejelentés itt olvasható. Úgy látom, önálló honlapja a rendezvénynek egyelőre nincs, ezért idemásolom a hivatalos Call for papers tartalmát és a jelentkezésre vonatkozó tudnivalókat:

The African elements of the ancient Egyptian culture, and indeed its physical location in Africa, have frequently been ignored, and there exists a level of prejudice against suggestions that Egyptian culture can be situated within an African cultural context. The contextualising of ancient Egypt culturally and geographically within Africa, the concept of ancient Egypt as part of Black History, and the discussion of how the material is perceived and interpreted in the West have only recently begun to receive attention, and the discussion is still regarded as peripheral and often irrelevant.
The aims of the conference are to:
- address perceptions of ancient Egypt in the West, in scholarly writing and public understanding;
- present the work of scholars working on African-centred Egyptology;
- present a scholarly approach to the subject of Egypt in Africa to counterbalance the extreme Afrocentric views within which such a debate is often contextualised;
- investigate how community groups and professional Egyptologists can transfer their knowledge and points of view.

Papers are requested that address the following themes:
- the African aspects of ancient Egyptian culture;
- historical and contemporary African perceptions of ancient Egypt;
- the contested nature of ancient Egypt;
- the biases inherent in presentation of Egypt in the West, and ways of addressing this - in museums, media and popular and scholarly publication.
Abstracts of no more than 500 words, and full contact details, are to be emailed to the conference organiser, Karen Exell (Curator, Egypt and the Sudan, The Manchester Museum, University of Manchester): karen.exell AT manchester.ac.uk
Closing date: 31st July 2009

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