2015. július 22., szerda

Anatolian Studies 65 (2015)

A tartalomból:

New perspectives on stone bead technology at Bronze Age Troy (Geoffrey Ludvik et al.)

A Hittite treaty tablet from Oylum Höyük in southeastern Turkey and the location of Ḫaššu(wa) (Ahmet Ünal)

Phoenician and Luwian in Early Iron Age Cilicia (Ilya Yakubovich)

Addendum to ‘Phoenician and Luwian in Early Iron Age Cilicia’ by Ilya Yakubovich (J.D. Hawkins)

Adanawa or Ahhiyawa? Reply to the addendum by J.D. Hawkins (Ilya Yakubovich)

Two new inscribed Storm-god stelae from Arsuz (İskenderun): ARSUZ 1 and 2 (Belkıs Dinçol et al.)

A goddess among Storm-gods. The stele of Tavşantepe and the landscape monuments of southern Cappadocia (Anna Lanaro)

‘Heroa’ and the city. Kuprlli’s new architecture and the making of the ‘Lycian acropolis’ of Xanthus in the early Classical period (Catherine M. Draycott)

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