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JNES 71/2 (2012)

A tanulmányokból:

Memorization and the Transmission of Sumerian Literary Compositions (Paul Delnero)

Another Look at an Aramaic Astral Bowl (K. Lawson Younger Jr.)

The Grammar of the Neo-Babylonian Assertory Oath (Bruce Wells, Cornelia Wunsch and F. Rachel Magdalene)

The Babylonian Chronicles: Classification and Provenance (Caroline Waerzeggers)

The Egyptian Goddess Mut in Iron Age Palestine: Further Data From Amulets and Onomastics (Christopher B. Hays)

The Career and the Seal of Bulālum, Doorkeeper of the Ebabbar Temple at Sippar (Guido Suurmeijer)

A recenziókból:

Ausgrabungen in Tall Munbaqa – Ekalte IV: Die bronzezeitliche Keramik by Rainer M. Czichon; Peter Werner (Hermann Genz)

A Grammar of the Hittite Language. Part 1. Reference Grammar. Part 2. Tutorial. by Harry A. Hoffner Jr.; H. Craig Melchert (Zsolt Simon)

Aramaic in Its Historical and Linguistic Setting by Holger Gzella; Margaretha L. Folmer (Charles G. Häberl)

The Early Monarchy in Israel: The Tenth Century B.C.E by Walter Dietrich; Joachim Vette (Joseph Lam)

Critical Issues in Early Israelite History by R. S. Hess; G.A. Klingbeil; P. J. Ray Jr. (Adam Miglio)

Kleines Wörterbuch des Ugaritischen by Josef Tropper (Adam Miglio)

Handbook of Neo-Punic Inscriptions by Karel Jongeling (Dennis Pardee)

Exchange Relationships at Ugarit by Kevin M. McGeough (Dennis Pardee)

Tell el-Dabʿa XVII: Opferdeponierungen in der Hyksoshauptstadt Auaris (Tell el-Dabʿa) vom späten Mittleren Reich bis zum frühen Neuen Reich by Vera Müller (Bettina Bader)

Tebtynis IV: Les Habitations à l’est du temple de Soknebtynis by Gisèle Hadji-Minaglou (Donald M. Bailey)

Le Migdol du Proche-Orient à l’Égypte by Joffrey Seguin (Aaron A. Burke)

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt by Kathryn Bard (Richard Bussmann)

Dendara. Le Temple d’Isis. Volume 1: Texte. Volume 2: Planches by Sylvie Cauville; Alain Lecler (Filip Coppens)

Dire le droit en Égypte pharaonique. Contribution à l’étude des structures et mécanismes juridictionnels jusqu’au Nouvel Empire by Alexandra Philip-Stéphan (Christopher Eyre)

Egypt and Beyond: Essays Presented to Leonard H. Lesko upon his Retirement from the Wilbour Chair of Egyptology at Brown University June 2005 by Stephen E. Thompson; Peter Der Manuelian (Jacqueline E. Jay)

Egyptian Mummies and Modern Science by Rosalie David (Jerome C. Rose)

Grundriss des Laufes der Sterne: Das Sogenannte Nutbuch by Alexandra Von Lieven (Anthony Spalinger)

Les Villes de Basse Égypte au 1er millénaire av. J.-C.: Analyse archéologique et historique de la topographie urbaine by François Leclère (Joshua R. Trampier)

Le delta et la vallée du Nil: le sens de ouadj our by Claude Vandersleyen (Alexandra Von Lieven)

The Meroitic Temple Complex at Qasr Ibrim by Pamela J. Rose; D.N. Edwards; G. Wilson; P. Pyke; J. Hallof; S.A Ashton (Bruce Williams)

The Mortuary Temple of Senwosret III at Abydos by Josef Wegner (Jonathan Winnerman)

Völker und Sprachen Altanatoliens by Maciej Popko; Cyril Brosch (Ilya Yakubovich)

L’alignement syntaxique dans les langues indo-européennes d’Anatolie by Silvain Patri (Ilya Yakubovich)

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