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Ókori keleti textil-terminológia

C. Michel - M.-L. Nosch (eds.): Textile Terminologies in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean from the Third to the First millennia BC. Ancient Textiles Series 8, Oxford, 2010

A tartalomból:

Catherine Breniquet: Weaving in Mesopotamia during the Bronze Age: Archaeology, techniques, iconography

Ole Herslund: Cloths – Garments – and keeping secrets. Textile classification and cognitive chaining in the Ancient Egyptian writing system

Jana Jones: The ‘linen list’ in Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom Egypt: text and textile reconciled

Benjamin Foster: Clothing in Sargonic Mesopotamia: Visual and written evidence

Maria Giovanna Biga: Textiles in the Administrative Texts of the Royal Archives of Ebla (Syria, XXIV Century BC) with particular emphasis on Coloured Textiles

Jacopo Pasquali: Les noms sémitiques des tissus dans les textes d’Ebla

Francesco Pomponio: New texts regarding the Neo-Sumerian textiles

Hartmut Waetzoldt: The Colours and Variety of Fabrics from Mesopotamia during the Ur III
Period (2050 BC)

Cécile Michel & Klaas R. Veenhof: The Textiles traded by the Assyrians in Anatolia (19th-18th Centuries BC)

Agnete Wisti Lassen: Tools, procedures and profession: A review of the Akkadian textile terminology

Anne-Claude Beaugeard: Les textiles du Moyen-Euphrate à l’époque paléo-babylonienne d’après un ouvrage récent

Matteo Vigo: Linen in Hittite Inventory Texts

Juan-Pablo Vita: Textile terminology in the Ugaritic texts

Pierre Villard: Les textiles néo-assyriens et leurs couleurs

Francis Joannes: Textile terminology in the Neo-Babylonian documentation

Stefan Zawadzki: Garments in non-cultic context (Neo-Babylonian period)

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