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Felhívás konferencia-műhelyre (7. ICAANE)

Bár a 6. ICAANE csak nemrég ért véget, máris megkezdődött a felkészülés a 7. ICAANE-re, amely Londonban lesz, 2010 április 12-17. között, a British Museum és a University College London szervezésében. Ennek jegyében megjelent az első - roppant izgalmasnak ígérkező - műhelyre a felhívás, íme:

Proposals for papers are invited for a forthcoming workshop entitled:


Workshop Organizing Committee: Katherine (Karen) Wright, St John Simpson, Roseleen Bains, Gassia Artin

Enquiries to: ki.wright kukac btopenworld pont com

Since the publication of Rachel Maxwell-Hyslop's pioneering study of Ancient Western Asiatic Jewellery in 1971, there have been few syntheses of the emergence and development of beads and personal ornaments in the ancient Near East, although wider overviews of beads exist (eg, Lois Sherr Dubin's masterful The History of Beads, 1987). For the Near East itself, most studies have been conducted for specific sites, regions, periods, or problems. However, recent developments in archaeological thought suggest that personal ornamentation of the human body is a central means by which individuals are educated in their own cultures. Ornaments also serve as a crucial arena for negotiation of social identities (age, gender, status, group affiliation) and the establishment of social networks, via exchange.

Whilst early studies emphasized styles and typology in a culture-historical framework, recent research has made major advances in our understanding of the origins, development, technologies, exchange and social significance of personal ornaments in the Near East. The purpose of this workshop is to draw together this research and to explore the potential of personal ornaments for understanding technological change, social organization and the development of the Near Eastern complex societies. Examples of themes which we anticipate would be addressed would include:

(1) The beginnings and development of bone and shell bead technologies and their evolutionary significance;
(2) The early development of stone bead technologies, from prehistory to the Early Bronze Age, and questions of craft specialization;
(3) The origins and development of metal jewellery;
(4) The emergence, use and exchange of ornaments of faience and glass;
(5) Diversity in ornament assemblages in later complex societies in the Near East: technologies, styles, exchange and social identities;
(6) Understanding contexts of manufacture (e.g. workshops) and contexts of use (e.g. burials) in exploring ancient ornaments;
(7) Symbolic aspects of ornaments and materials.

Papers from this workshop will be published as a separate volume. Please send paper titles and a short abstract (250 words), by 15 November, 2008 to:

Dr Katherine (Karen) Wright
Lecturer in Archaeology of the Levant
Institute of Archaeology, University College London 31-34 Gordon Square London WC1H 0PY
Email address for this purpose: ki.wright kukac btopenworld pont com

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