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SAAB 16 (2007)

Megjelent a State Archives of Assyria Bulletin legújabb kötete. Érdemes átböngészni a tartalmát:


Greta Van Buylaere: SAA 5, 55, and SAA 5, 61, Rejoined.

Martin Lang: An Account on i-pi-ra-am-ma in Gilg. XI,149, via Aramaic ?

Wiebke Kirleis – Michael Herles: Climatic Change as a Reason for Assyro-Aramaean Conflicts? Pollen Evidence for Drought at the End of the 2nd Millennium BC.

Nadav Na'aman: Borders and Districts in Descriptions of the Conquest of the West in Tiglath-pileser III's Inscriptions and in Biblical Historiography.

Robert Rollinger: Überlegungen zur Frage der Lokalisation von Jawan in neuassyrischer Zeit.

2. Papers Presented at the Workshop "Archives and Administration in the Neo-Assyrian Empire" Verona, October 20-21, 2005:

Simonetta Ponchia: Introduction.

Frederick Mario Fales: Multilingualism on Multiple Media in the Neo-Assyrian Period: a Review of the Evidence.

Simonetta Ponchia: Communicational Procedures and Administrative Structures in the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

Salvatore Gaspa: Vessels in Neo-Assyrian Documents. Capacity Measures and Listing Conventions.

Karen Radner: Hired Labour in the Neo-Assyrian Empire.

Mikko Luukko: The Administrative Roles of the "Chief Scribe" and the"Palace Scribe" in the Neo-Assyrian Period.

Saana Teppo: The Role and the Duties of the Neo-Assyrian šakintu in the Light of Archival Evidence.

Anne Löhnert: The Installation of Priests according to Neo-Assyrian Documents.

Alexa Bartelmus: talimu and the Relationship between Assurbanipal and Šamaš-šumu-ukin.

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