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Hurri és urartui műhelykonferencia Chicagoban

2009. április 24-26. között nyelvészeti tárgyú hurri és urartui műhelykonferenciát („workshop”) terveznek Chicagoba. A felhívás szövege a következő:

A Workshop on Hurrian and Urartian

On April 24-26, 2009, a workshop on Hurrian and Urartian will be held at The Oriental Institute of Chicago. This workshop is designed to bring together established scholars who have long made Hurrian apart of their research and the new group of younger scholars who will be their successors.

The focus of this workshop is twofold:

1) approaches to Hurrian and Urartian grammar and the advancement of our ability to understand it,
2) strategies and approaches necessary to begin to translate Hurrian texts, especially those from Boğazköy.

It is by fostering an environment of dialog that a consensus opinion can be reached on these topics and a framework for future research can be created. There is room for a few extra papers.

We are in the process of procuring further sponsorship for this workshop in the hope of offering some assistance to additional participants. The language of these talks should be in English, German, or French. Those interested in participating in this workshop should electronically submit a title, an abstract of 200-300 words to either:

Dennis Campbell drcampbe kukac uchicago pont edu
Theo van den Hout tvdhout kukac uchicago pont edu

List of current participants (in alphabetical order):
Mary Bachvarova, Dennis Campbell, Stefano de Martino, Ali Dinçol, Mauro Giorgieri, Joost Hazenbos, Theo van den Hout, Margarit Khačikyan, Mirjo Salvini, Aygül Süel, Gernot Wilhelm

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