2013. március 29., péntek

ZA 102/2 (2012)

A tartalomból:

Loan and Interest in the Archaic Texts (Monaco, Salvatore F.)

The Montserrat Fragment of the Instructions of Ur-Ninurta (Ignacio Márquez, Rowe)

More Light on Nanāya (Streck, Michael P. / Wasserman, Nathan)

Paläographische Übungen am Neujahrstag (Maul, Stefan M.)

Protecting the King from Enemies, at Home and on Campaign: Babylonian Rituals on Th 1905–4–9, 67 = BM 98561 (Schwemer, Daniel)

Famine in Babylonia (Kleber, Kristin)

New Tablets from Kisurra and the Chronology of Central Babylonia in the Early Old Babylonian Period (Tyborowski, Witold)

Split-ergativity in Hittite (Goedegebuure, Petra)

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