2013. március 11., hétfő


A mainzi Johannes Gutenberg Egyetem újonnan megnyílt doktori iskolája (Early Concepts of Man and Nature: Universal, Local, Borrowed) 6 doktori állást hirdetett meg. 
Részlet a felhívás szövegéből: 

The disciplines cooperating in this programme are Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Graeco-Roman Archaeology, Classical Philology (Greek and Latin), Byzantine Studies, Middle High German und Medical History. Our reserach and training programme will focus on the development of concepts and ideas about man and nature in the ancient Near East, North-East Africa, and Europe, based on written evidence, material culture, and iconography, in the following four areas: 1) Cosmogony and Primary Elements; 2) Nature: Natural Phenomena, Forces, and Catastrophes; 3) Flora, Fauna, and Landscape; 4) Man's Body in Sickness and in Health. All topics for PhD theses will come from one of these areas and will fall within one of the disciplines mentioned earlier. You are welcome to submit your own proposal for a PhD thesis, or we will try and identify a suitable topic during the application process.

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