2013. március 3., vasárnap

JAEI 5/1 (2013)

Special Issue: Seafaring and Maritime Interconnections

A tartalomból:

Gift Exchange and Seaborne Contact in Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt: The Case of Keftiu Artists at Tell el-Dab‘a (Avaris) (John Tristan Barnes)

‘Šrdn from the Sea’: The Arrival, Integration, and Acculturation of a ‘Sea People’ (Jeffrey P. Emanuel)

The Earliest Sailboats in Egypt and Their Influence on the Development of Trade, Seafaring in the Red Sea, and State Development (Samuel Mark)

A Late Period Riverine and Maritime Port Town and Cult Center at Tell Tebilla (Ro-nefer) (Gregory Mumford)

Research Report: Thonis-Heracleion, Emporion of Egypt, Recent Discoveries and Research Perspectives: The Shipwrecks (David Fabre & Franck Goddio)

Research Report: The Wadi el-Jarf Site: A Harbor of Khufu on the Red Sea (Pierre Tallet)

Research Report: Brief Report of the Project of the Second Boat of King Khufu (Sakuji Yoshimura & Hiromasa Kurokochi)

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