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PhD Fellowship (Ghent)

1 PhD Fellowship for the BOF funded project “East Side Story. Susa under the Sukkalmah Dynasty (1930-1450 BC): a Prosopographical Study” at Ghent University.

Starting October 1st 2013, the Department of Assyriology and History of the Ancient Near East of Ghent University has 1 full time vacancy available as a 4 year PhD position within the BOF funded project “East Side Story. Susa under the Sukkalmah Dynasty (1930-1450 BC): a Prosopographical Study” headed by Prof. Dr. Katrien De Graef.

Project description

From the 4th millennium BC onwards, Western Iran has been a region of contact between civilizations: those of the Iranian highlands (Elam) on the one hand, and Mesopotamia on the other. Being the focal point in these contacts, the city of Susa in the Susiana plain close to Mesopotamia soon developed into a thriving multicultural metropolis. This basic duality of cultures evolved throughout the 2nd millennium BC, a result of a continuous interaction and balancing between foreign (Mesopotamian) and local (Elamite) traditions, values, influences and even conquests. The cultural mix of Mesopotamian and Elamite elements is not only perceptible in the onomasticon of the city population, showing the ethnical complexity that is to be expected in a border region, but pervades various cultural phenomena and political institutions, such as language and writing, legal and administrative customs and practices.

The aim of the research project is to gain insight in the multicultural Susian society and its evolution during the first half of the second millennium BC on the basis of the contracts, administrative documents and letters studied via the prosopographical approach.

The candidate will be expected to:
- conduct original research within the context of the research project
- write a PhD thesis
- submit research results for publication in international peer-reviewed academic journals
- present papers at international conferences
- assist in teaching and research activities of the department

The candidate should have:
- a Master’s degree in Assyriology, Ancient Near Eastern studies or equivalent
- knowledge of Akkadian and Sumerian
- good English writing and presentation skills
- excellent analytical skills
- passive knowledge of Elamite (or willingness to learn elementary Elamite)

Applications have to be submitted in English and have to include:
- curriculum vitae incl. diploma’s and results, marks or GPA, ranking among fellow students
- a writing sample (article or part of MA thesis) of max. 5000 words
- cover letter stating motivation for the position
- contact details of three referees

Applications should be sent electronically (in pdf) before the deadline of March 31 2013 to katrien.degraef at ugent dot be

Interviews will take place in April 2013.

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