2013. március 24., vasárnap

JNES 72/1 (2013)

A tartalomból:

Three Rulers in Nubia and the Early Middle Kingdom in Egypt (Bruce Williams)

Representing Ashur: The Old Assyrian Rulers’ Seals and Their Ur III Prototype (Melissa Eppihimer)

On Water Management in the Mesha Inscription and Moab (Bruce Routledge)

A New Ceremonial Practice at Ayanis Fortress: The Urartian Sacred Tree Ritual on the Eastern Shore of Lake Van (Atilla Batmaz)

Old Persian and the Marking of Narrative Sequence in Biblical Aramaic: The Possible Influence of Pasāva on Bēʾdayin and ʾĕdayin (John Makujina)

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