2013. március 7., csütörtök

Cikkek innen-onnan / Miscellaneous articles

NABU 2012/32012/4 (mindkettő magyar szerzővel)

Peter van der Veen: When Pharaohs Ruled Jerusalem. BAR 39/2 (2013)

Fabrice De Backer: Scale-Armour in the Mediterranean Area during the Early Iron Age. A. From the IXth to the IIIrd Century BC. Revue des Études Militaires Anciennes 5 (2008-2012)

T. Dalalyan - A. Bobokhyan: Scythian Penetration into the South Caucasus. From Archaeology and Toponymy to History. An Overview of a New Project. In: Walter Kuntner (Hg.): Studies in Caucasian Archaeology I. Gori, 2012, 206-216.

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