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Cities and Citadels in Turkey (ANES Supplement 40)

Scott Redford - Nina Ergin (eds.): Cities and Citadels in Turkey: From the Iron Age to the Seljuks. ANES Supplement 40. Leuven - Paris - Walpole, Peeters, 2013

A tartalomból:

City and Citadel at Troy from the Late Bronze Age through the Roman Period (Carolyn Chabot Aslan & Charles Brian Rose)

The Neo-Assyrian Citadel City and the Walled City as Theme in the Visual Representation of Imperialism (Mehmet-Ali Ataç)

An Intervening Phenomenon in a Non-Urban Environment: Iron Age Cities in Eastern Anatolia (Özlem Çevik)

The Urartian City and Citadel of Ayanis: An Example of Interdependence (Altan Çilingiroğlu)

Landscapes of Power: Neo-Hittite Citadels in Comparative Perspective (Timothy P. Harrison)

The Writing on the Wall: Reviewing Sculpture and Inscription on the Gates of the Iron Age Citadel of Azatiwataya (Karatepe-Aslantaş) (Aslı Özyar)

The Kale at Kerkenes Dag: An Iron Age Capital in Central Anatolia (Geoffrey D. Summers & Francoise Summers)

Gordion as Citadel and City (Mary M. Voigt)

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