2013. március 25., hétfő

JAC 27 (2012)

A tartalomból:

Z. Guo: Conflict, Communication and Co-existence: Relations between Ptolemaic Egypt and Seleucids

X. Li: Connecting Past and Future: Analysis of the Wall Decoration in the Tomb of the Vizier Paser

Y. Wu - J. Wang: The Identifications of Šulgi-simti, Wife of Šulgi, with Abi-simti, Mother of Amar-Sin and Šu-Sin, and of Ur-Sin, the Crown Prince, with Amar-Sin

G. Jiang: Notes on Lugal –Ma2 Gur8-Re: A Scribe and a Textile Dealer in Nippur, AS 8- ŠS 4

T. Ozaki: On the Reading of the Sumerian Word for “Wool”

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