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Fs. Beckman

B. J. Collins - P. Michalowski (eds.): Beyond Hatti: A Tribute to Gary Beckman. Lockwood Press, 2013

A tartalomból:

Alfonso Archi: The West Hurrian Pantheon and Its Background

Mary R. Bachvarova: Adapting Mesopotamian Myth in Hurro-Hittite Rituals at Hattuša: IŠTAR, the Underworld, and the Legendary Kings

Billie Jean Collins: The Place of KBo 13.145 in the Hantitaššu Text Tradition

Marjorie Fisher: A Diplomatic Marriage in the Ramesside Period: Maathorneferure, Daughter of the Great Ruler of Hatti

Benjamin R. Foster: Albert T. Clay and His Babylonian Collection

Harry A. Hoffner, Jr.: “The King’s Speech”: Royal Rhetorical Language

H. Craig Melchert: Luvian Language in “Luvian” Rituals in Hattusa

Piotr Michalowski: The Steward of Divine Gudea and His Family in Ur III Girsu

Alice Mouton: Le rituel d’Allī d’Arzawa contre un ensorcellement (CTH 402): une nouvelle édition

Carole Roche-Hawley - Robert Hawley: An Essay on Scribal Families, Tradition, and Innovation in Thirteenth-Century Ugarit

Jack M. Sasson: Prologues and Poets: On the Opening Lines of the Gilgamesh Epic

Piotr Steinkeller: The Umma Field Ušgida and the Question of GARšana’s Location

Claudia E. Suter: The Divine Gudea on Ur III Seal Images

Terry G. Wilfong: Dig Dogs and Camp Cats at Karanis: The Animals of the 1924–1935 University of Michigan Expedition to Egypt

Gernot Wilhelm: Texts and Royal Seals of the Middle Hittite Period from the “House of the Chief of the Guards” at Hattuša

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