2010. március 16., kedd

Nostoi - konferenciafelhívás

Nem szokásom egy nap két bejegyzést is feltenni, de egy épp most (na jó: a BL-meccs előtt) érkezett rendkívül izgalmasnak ígérkező konferencia felhívását mindenképp meg akarom osztani olvasóinkkal, szóval ez most afféle Agyagpap Breaking News:

Nostoi - Indigenous Culture, Migration and Integration in the Aegean Islands and Western Anatolia during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age

1st Circular Letter

We are happy to inform you that an International Symposium with the title: “Nostoi. Indigenous, Migration and Integration in the Aegean Islands and Western Anatolia during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age” is being planned to take place in March 18th-21st 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey. Purpose of the symposium is to offer to scholars of different disciplines, who work either on the Aegean Islands or on the Western Anatolian Coast, a forum for the presentation of new finds and the discussion of innovative research results on various aspects of indigenity, migration and the process of integration in local communities during the LBA and EIA. All papers should be focused on less well known aspects of this complex subject, such as the various Anatolian and Aegean cross-cultural “interfaces”, the archaeological testimonies for the “indigenous” population (e.g. Seha, Arzawa, Mira, Luwians, Mysians, Lycians, Carians, Pelasgoi etc.), the impact of the Mycenaean and Ionian migration movements on the pre-existing population, as well as inter-cultural and cross-cultural mingling of the Aegean and Anatolia or vice versa.

Please confirm with an email to Ms. Cigdem Maner (cmaner kukac ku.edu.tr) or Mr. Kostas Kopanias (kkopanias kukac arch.uoa.gr) by June 30th 2010 if you would like to participate and present a paper. With your confirmation we would like you to send us the title of your lecture and a short abstract of max. 200 words. The presentation of the papers should not be longer than 20 minutes. All papers must be delivered in English.

The proceedings of the Symposium should be published before the end of 2011, so all manuscripts must be submitted by the end of August 2011.Please feel free to address your question to (cmaner kukac ku.edu.tr) or (kkopanias kukac arch.uoa.gr).

Çiğdem Maner (Koç University Istanbul)
Kostas Kopanias (University of Athens)
Nikolas Chr. Stampolidis (University of Crete)

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