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On Forms and Functions: Studies in Ancient Egyptian Grammar

E. Grossman, S. Polis, A. Stauder, J. Winand (szerk.): On Forms and Functions: Studies in Ancient Egyptian Grammar, LingAeg StudMon 15, Hamburg 2014

A tartalomból:

Mark Collier, Antiphrastic Questions with ı͗st and ı͗s in Late Egyptian

Todd Gillen, Ramesside Registers of Égyptien de Tradition: The Medinet Habu inscriptions

E. Grossman, G. Lescuyer, S. Polis, Contexts and Inferences: The grammaticalization of the Later Egyptian Allative Future  

M. Müller, Expressing Necessity in Sahidic Coptic 

E. Oréal, Noun Phrase Syntax and Definiteness Marking: A new explanation for the morphology of Earlier Egyptian participles 

S. Polis, A. Stauder, The Verb ı͗b and the Construction ı͗b=f r sḏm: On modal semantics, graphemic contrasts, and gradience in grammar 

S. Uljas, On Earlier Egyptian Control Constructions 

P. Vernus, La non représentation segmentale du (premier) participant direct (« sujet ») et la notion de ø 

D. A. Werning, Uninflected Relative Verb Forms as Converbs and Verbal Rhemes: The two schemes of the Emphatic Construction as a detached adjectival phrase construction and as a truncated Balanced Sentence 

J. Winand, When and meets with 

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