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Call for papers: ASOR

CALL FOR PAPERS: ASOR Member-Organized Session:

The First Intermediate Period

American Schools of Oriental Research, Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, The InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta Hotel, November 18-21, 2015

Session Organizers:
Thomas Schneider (The University of British Columbia)
Felix Höflmayer (The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)

The so-called First Intermediate Period of ancient Egypt continues to be one of the most controversially discussed periods of ancient Egyptian history. Gaps in the evidence available for historiographical reconstruction, the uncertainty about how to interpret a variety of textual sources, and new material evidence have as much led to widely different views as have modern paradigmatic shifts. In consequence, the FIP has been described variously as a time of calamity, or to the contrary, a time of cultural innovation. Diverse economic, political and environmental scenarios have been adduced to explain the end of the Old Kingdom and the genesis of the First Intermediate Period, a transition accordingly labeled a collapse, a decline, a revolution, or more vaguely, a time of crisis. This session will attempt to shed new light on this period and to suggest future ways of interpreting it in a more coherent way, including the new archaeological evidence from the current excavation of Tell Edfu (the first complete sequence of First Intermediate Period settlement layers at one significant urban site of ancient Egypt) as well as economic, social, historical, literary and historiographical approaches.

Interested speakers will need to submit a title and abstract
(max. 200 words)  by February 15, 2015.

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