2015. január 25., vasárnap

Még néhány cikk innen-onnan

Origini 36 (2014)
  • Mitchell S Rothman: Kura-Araxes Culture Areas and the Late 4th and Early 3rd Millennia BC Pottery from Veli Sevin's Survey in Malatya and Elaziğ, Turkey
  • Maria Carmela Gatto: Cultural Entanglement at the Dawn of the Egyptian History: A View From the Nile First Cataract Region
  • Geoff Emberling: Pastoral States: Toward a Comparative Archaeology of Early Kush

  • Klaus Wagensonner, On an alternative way of capturing RTI images with the camera dome. 2015/1.
  • Strahil V. Panayotov and Kostadin Kissiov, An administrative tablet from Puzriš-Dagān in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 2015/2.
  • Klaus Wagensonner, Turning the Laws of Ur-Namma. 2015/3.

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