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People on the move
Framework, Means, and Impact of Mobility across the East Mediterranean Region in the 8th to 6th c. BCE

3–6 August 2015
Landgut Castelen (near CH-Basel)
Römerstiftung Dr. René Clavel
Giebenacherstrasse 9
4302 Augst BL

CALL FOR PAPERS: deadline 15 March 2015
We cordially invite proposals from junior as well as senior researchers. 
WEBSITE: https://aegyptologie.unibas.ch/forschung/tagungen/people-on-the-move/
CONTACT: peopleonthemove@unibas.ch

In the wake of the Kushite, Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian and early Achaemenid expansions to the East Mediterranean, cross-regional mobility of people and commodities increased significantly. This mobility not only affects the actual people who were leaving their homeland, its social community and the security of their cultural background for longer or even permanent stays abroad. It has also major impact on the communities left behind and those receiving the travelers on a visit or for long-term residence. During the workshop we will primarily discuss the following three aspects:

Section I is dedicated to issues enabling or impeding routes and modes of travel. 
Why were which routes and means of transport preferable to others? Which preparations are necessary? Who or which factors decided whether to leave or to stay? How were necessary stopovers organized? 

Section II will focus on the act of traveling and the travelers. 
Which motivations for traveling can be discerned? Is long-term emigration the aim or the result of traveling? Which routes were used? What could happen during the trip? Which kind of reception would one expect? 

Section III addresses the social implications both for the community from which people leave/emigrate and to which they move/travel/immigrate. How did communities cope with the loss of specialists or of comparatively large percentages of their inhabitants? How were travelers housed? How did this effect the receiving private or institutional households? How did local 'foreign' communities deal with the enhancement of their numbers? How did the decision to integrate oneself into their community or to keep one's distance effect these 'foreign' communities, the local society as a whole, and the policy towards 'foreigners'?

The geographical range covers the Great Area of the East Mediterranean Region including modern-day Greece, Turkey, Eastern Libya and Egypt as well as the East Mediterranean islands and the area between the eastern Mediterranean coast and the Zagros mountains. 

Papers and posters dealing with cross-regional travels and addressing combinations of natural, economic, administrative, political or personal issues are especially welcome. For a preliminary schedule visit the workshop website.

We cordially invite proposals from junior as well as senior researchers. 
Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words to peopleonthemove@unibas.ch by 15 March 2015. 
Only complete proposals including
- name and affiliation of the author
- an indication whether the abstract is for a poster or a paper
- the title
- the abstract 
will be considered.
Applicants will be informed about their submission status by 29 March 2015.

Successful papers are allotted 20mins followed by 40mins discussion. There will be an extended poster session starting the workshop as well as extensive discussion sessions, both in small groups and in plenum. For a preliminary schedule visit the workshop website.

The workshop language will be English.

The registration fee will be CHF 30,-. 
Details regarding registration will be posted on the workshop website by 15 February 2015. Registration will start on 13 April 2015. 
Please be aware that space at the conference venue is limited. 

Please note that we are not organizing travel or housing arrangements.
There is a small number of beds at walking distance to the conference venue (Augst/Kaiseraugst). The train ride from Basel SBB takes 11mins, from Rheinfelden SBB 11mins, and from Pratteln 3mins to Kaiseraugst Station (10 mins walk to venue). The daily starting time of the workshop matches the time tables of the trains.
A list of hotels recommended by the venue administrators will be posted on the workshop website.

The coffee breaks will be organized at the workshop venue and are covered by the registration fees. For a list of nearby restaurants check the workshop website.

We will be awarding a small number of on-site accommodation (shared double-rooms & shared bathrooms for CHF 15,–/night & person including breakfast) for participants, partly on a competitive and partly on a financial need basis. You will be required to participate throughout the workshop. In order to be considered, you must include your CV (max. 1 page), an abstract of your paper/poster in application and – if applicable – evidence of need for financial support (e.g. a letter by your host institution testifying that you do not receive a bursary/award for your studies) to peopleonthemove@unibas.ch by 15 March 2015. 

The publication of the workshop proceedings is planned in co-operation with a peer-reviewed journal. Details will be posted in due course on the workshop website.

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