2015. január 3., szombat


Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies 2/4 (2014)

“Urban Animal Economies in Bronze and Iron Age Anatolia” (Nimrod Marom, Canan Çakırlar)

“Provisioning an Urban Center under Foreign Occupation: Zooarchaeological Insights into the Hittite Presence in Late Fourteenth-Century BCE Alalakh” (Canan Çakırlar et al.)

“The Rise of Cattle Cultures in Bronze Age Anatolia” (Benjamin S. Arbuckle)

 “Incorporation into the Neo-Assyrian Empire from the Perspective of the Faunal Remains from Zincirli Höyük, Turkey” (Nimrod Marom, Virginia R. Herrmann)

“Small but Varied: The Role of Rural Settlements in the Diversification of Subsistence Practices as Evidenced in the Upper Tigris River Area (Southeastern Turkey) during the Second and First Millennia BCE” (Rémi Berthon)

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