2015. január 21., szerda

Call for papers: Heroic Narratives and the Reshaping of History

Koppenhágában 2015. jún. 11-12 között Heroic Narratives and the Reshaping of History címmel konferenciát szerveznek. 
Részletek a felhívás szövegéből:

One of the most influential factors for preserving and propagating a collective identity is narrative traditions, especially the stories people relate when that identity is vulnerable. Through storytelling, people can construct fashion and interpret their world. They can confront their past and their contemporary situations and envision their future and by which means this future will come about.

Inspired by Eric Selbin’s model of the ‘Literature of Resistance’, the conference aims to discuss the possible narrative strategies by which Myth, Memory, and Mimesis are used as tools for shaping a collective identity. Here, myth signifies the body of stories through which a certain group of people relate their history, while collective memory refers to a movement within a cultural discourse that continuously combines and fuses the present and the past, fulfilling a social function in the cultural web in which it is integrated. Mimesis refers to a certain group’s inspiration by another – ancestors, contemporaries, or people in distant places and times – in making fundamental and transformational changes in their society.

Together, myth, memory, and mimesis are powerful aspects of historical narrativity, especially when those seeking change integrate cultural symbols, heroes, and myths into the semantics of a heroic narrative in an attempt to exercise cultural dominance and legitimacy.

It is our goal to bring together specialists from a wide range of disciplines who are working on literature and collective identity in the ancient and medieval world. The conference will offer an international platform for researchers, including doctoral students, to present their research to an international and diverse audience. We believe that such collaboration will stimulate discussion on strategies for historical narrative, and enable us to share ideas, and place the conference themes in the widest possible context.
The deadline for submitting an abstract for a proposed talk is 01 March 2015. Please limit the abstract to 300 words max. The proposals should take the following questions into consideration: 

Myth, memory, and mimesis as narrative tools in the heroic tale(s)

If such tools are not evident, which narrative tools are utilized to express a collective memory and identity in the text(s)?

What is the socio-political context that the narrative is addressing/reacting to?

What is the collective memory and identity expressed in the text?

How is it similar to/different from actual historical evidence?

Are there parallels to the text’s narrative tool(s) in other sources (i.e. mimesis/adaptation/copying)?

If so, what particular aspect of the narrative tool(s) made it applicable/adaptable in the text and why?

Each presentation is assigned a maximum of 30 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for Q&A.

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