2013. november 20., szerda

WdO 43/2 (2013)

A GsAstarte tartalmából:

Mark A. Christian, Rüdiger Schmitt: Permutations of ‘Astarte: Introduction

Gaby Abousamra, André Lemaire: Astarte in Tyre According to New Iron Age Funerary Stelae

Susan Ackerman: The Mother of Eshmunazor, Priest of Astarte: A Study of her Cultic Role

Mark A. Christian: Phoenician Maritime Religion: Sailors, Goddess Worship, and the Grotta Regina

Robert M. Kerr: Notre-Dame-de-la-H. uronie? A note on ‘ˇstrth.

Rüdiger Schmitt: Astarte, Mistress of Horses, Lady of the Chariot: The Warrior Aspect of Astarte

Anna Zernecke: The Lady of the Titles: The Lady of Byblos and the Search for her "True Name"

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