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Maureen Kovacs Subsidies for Cuneiform Studies

Rules and regulations:


1. The Maureen Kovacs fund for cuneiform studies subsidies is meant for projects of a limited duration carried out by advanced students and beginning scholars within five years after obtaining their doctoral degree.

2. The application consists of the application form (see below) and three appendices, a succinct description of the proposed project, a written letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor as well as a specified budget.

3.The subsidy will cover the costs of a project up to €1,000.

4. If a sum lower than €1,000 is awarded, the remainder may be conferred to another project.

5. Applicants must be members of the IAA.


1. The committee, which will be selected by the IAA Board, shall consist of three persons; only members of the IAA will be eligible.

2. The committee members will serve for three years, after which a new committee will be chosen.

Time table

1. Applications should be sent to the IAA Office in Leiden no later than March 1. The office shall then forward them to the committee members before March 10.

2. The committee will evaluate the articles and make a preliminary ranking.

3. The committee will submit its selection report to the IAA Board no later than June 1.

4. During the following Rencontre the conclusions will be discussed at the Board meeting.

5. The subsidies will be awarded during the general meeting.

Please send your application to:

International Association for Assyriology
c/o Prof. Dr. W.H. van Soldt
Email: w.h.van.soldt at hum.leidenuniv.nl

P.O. Box 9515
2300 RA Leiden

The application form can be found here.

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