2013. november 22., péntek

Call for papers: Ancient Arbela: Pre-Islamic History of Erbil

International conference in Erbil 7–10 April 2014

Organized by
the Finnish Institute in the Middle East (FIME),
Institut français du Proche-Orient – Erbil (IFPO) and
Department of Archaeology, Salahaddin University – Hawler

Inspired by the increased archaeological activity in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and in particular in Erbil, the conference Ancient Arbela: Pre-Islamic History of Erbil aspires to bring together experts of archaeology, Assyriology and ancient history to discuss the new findings that have changed our perception of this age old city and its surroundings. Central themes of the conference will be new archaeological work in Erbil, and Arbela in cuneiform and classical sources.

The conference venue will be the Cultural Centre of the Salahaddin University in Erbil. The main language of the meeting is English but papers are also accepted in French, Kurdish and Arabic. A live English translation will be provided for the papers presented in Kurdish or Arabic. Papers will be 20 minutes + 10 minutes reserved for discussion. The conference will also include a poster session. Speakers will have the possibility to offer their papers for publication in an international peer reviewed journal.

Registration will take place on location. However, in order to facilitate the planning of the sessions, we ask you to kindly submit the pre-registration form and your abstract of 200-500 words in English by e-mail by the end of November 2013.

Please, direct all communications to:
raija.mattila at  helsinki.fi
giraud.jessica at gmail.com
zidanbradosty82 at gmail.com

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