2013. november 28., csütörtök

Cikkek innen-onnan

L. A. Hitchcock - A. M. Maeir: Beyond Creolization and Hybridity. Entangled and Transcultural Identities in Philistia. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 28 (2013) 51-74.

A. Dan: From Imagined Ethnographies to Invented Ethnicities: The Homeric Halizones. Orbis Terrarum 11 (2012-2013) 33-72.

Y. Gadot - Y. Goren - O. Lipschits: A 7th Century BCE Bulla Fragment From Area D3 in the ‘City of David’/Silwan. JHS 13/10 (2013).

A. McMahon - A. Stone: The Edge of the City: Urban Growth and Burial Space in the 4th Millennium BC Mesopotamia. Origini 35 (2013) in press.

G. M. Di Nocer: Organization of Production and Social Role of Metallurgy in the Prehistoric Sequence of Arslantepe (Turkey). Origini 35 (2013) in press.

J. Kelder: Narmer, Scorpion and the Representaiton of the Early Egyptian Court. Origini 35 (2013) in press.

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