2013. november 11., hétfő

Cikkek innen-onnan

Meirav Meiri et al.: Ancient DNA and Population Turnover in Southern Levantine Pigs - Signature of the Sea Peoples Migration? Scientific Reports 3: 3035.

Anselm C. Hagedorn - Reinhard G. Kratz (eds.): Law and Religion in the Eastern Mediterranean. From Antiquity to Early Islam. Oxford
  • Arlette David: The Sound of the Magic Flute in Legal and Religious Registers of the Ramesside Period: Some Common Features of Two 'Ritualistic Languages'
  • Josef Wiesehöfer: Law and Religion in Achaemenidian Iran
  • Bruce Wells: Is It Law or Religion? Legal Motivations in Deuteronomic and Neo-Babylonian Texts

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