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KASKAL 11 (2014)

A tartalom:

R. Zadok: Hīt in Sūhu

S. Seminara: Leichenhügel und Zauberkreise: Die gestaltende Kraft der Sprache in den Königsinschriften Ur-Nanšes

G. Marchesi: From Sumerian Grammar to Tilmun’s Taxes: Interpreting é GÚ kar-ra kalam-ma-ka in the Enki and Ninsikila Myth

J. J. Justel: Women and Family in the Legal Documentation of Emar (With Additional Data from Other Late Bronze Age Syrian Archives)

A. Gilan: The Hittite Offering Lists of Deceased Kings and Related Texts (CTH 610-611) as Historical Sources

J. C. Fincke: Additions to already Edited enūma anu enlil (EAE) Tablets, Part II: The Tablets Concerning the Appearance of the Sun Published in PIHANS 73, Part I

T. Tanaka: Dress and Identity in the Old Assyrian Sargon Legend

J. Novotny. The Sîn-šarra-iškun Stone Block Inscription in the Aššur Site Museum: A Revised Edition and Notes on the Nabû Temple at Aššur

S. Dalley: Itineraries of Nakht-Hor and Alexander in Assyria

P. Coro': Identifying Women in Hellenistic Uruk: A Matter of Perspective?

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