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JNES 74/1 (2015)

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The Gods Išum and Hendursanga: Night Watchmen and Street-lighting in Babylonia (A. R. George)

Scorpion/Demon: On the Origin of the Mesopotamian Apotropaic Bowl (David Frankfurter)

Interpretative Uses and Abuses of the Beni Hasan Tomb Painting (Susan Cohen)

On the Reading of the Pre-Sargonic Personal Name di-(d)Utu and Related Matters (Piotr Steinkeller)

Accounting for Sick Days: A Scalar Approach to Health and Disease at Deir el-Medina (Anne Austin)

The Identification of H.mrq in Leiden Magical Papyrus I 343 + I 345 in Light of the Eblaite Texts (Noga Ayali-Darshan)

The Enneads of the Central Halls of the Ptolemaic Period: Epigraphic and Iconographic Evidence (Amr Gaber)

Systems of Value and the Changing Perception of Metal Commodities, ca. 4000–2600 bc (Leigh Stork)


Die Wahrsagekunst im Alten Orient. Zeichen des Himmels und der Erde by Stefan M. Maul (Kim Beerden)

Bodies of Knowledge in Ancient Mesopotamia: The Diviners of Late Bronze Age Emar and Their Tablet Collection by Matthew Rutz (Yoram Cohen)

Sennacherib at the Gates of Jerusalem. Story, History and Historiography by Isaac Kalimi; Seth Richardson (Stephanie Dalley)

Nomadism in Iran: From Antiquity to the Modern Era by D. T. Potts (Tobin Hartnell)

Urbanism and Cultural Landscapes in Northeastern Syria: The Tell Hamoukar Survey 1999–2001 by Jason A. Ur (Daniele Morandi Bonacossi)

Luwian Identities. Culture, Language and Religion Between Anatolia and the Aegean by Alice Mouton; Ian Rutherford; Ilya Yakubovich (Annick Payne)

Mobile Pastoralism and the Formation of Near Eastern Civilizations. Weaving Together Society by Anne Porter (Steven A. Rosen)

The Arrows of the Sun. Armed Forces in Sippar in the First Millennium bc by John MacGinnis (Radosław Tarasewicz)

The Archaeology of Cyprus: From Earliest Prehistory through the Bronze Age by A. Bernard Knapp (Nicholas G. Blackwell)

4th Century Karia. Defining a Karian Identity under the Hekatomnids by Olivier Henry (Zsolt Simon)

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