2015. március 21., szombat

Iraq 76 (2014)

A tartalom (magyar szerzővel!):

Giacomo Benati: The Beginning of the Early Dynastic Period at Ur

Tim Clayden: Kassite Housing at Ur: The Dates of the EM, YC, XNCF, AH AND KPS Houses

F. M. Fales & R. Del Fabbro: Back to Sennacherib’s Aqueduct at Jerwan: A Reassessment of the Textual Evidence

E. Jiménez: New Fragments of Gilgameš and other Literary Texts from Kuyunjik

Vito Messina: Further Bullae from Seleucia on the Tigris

Davide Nadali: How Many Soldiers on the “Stele of the Vultures”? A Hypothetical Reconstruction

Haider Oraibi Almamori: The Early Dynastic Monumental Buildings at Umm Al-Aqarib  

E. Robson & G. Zólyomi:  Mesag Reports a Murder: Cuneiform Tablets in the Collections of Norwich Castle Museum and Cambridge University Library

Saber Ahmed Saber, Hussein Hamza &Mark Altaweel: Report on the Excavations at Tell Sitak: The 2010 Season

Saber Ahmed Saber, Zuhair Rejeb & Mark Altaweel: Report on the Excavations at Merquly: The 2009 Season

M. Sandowicz: Nabonidus and the Forty Thieves of Uruk

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