2015. március 12., csütörtök

JAEI 7/1 (2015)

A tartalom:

The Sinai Peninsula and its Environs: Our Changing Perceptions of a Pivotal Land Bridge Between Egypt, the Levant, and Arabia (Gregory Mumford)

Marine Units on the "Ways Of Horus" in the Days Of Seti I (Orly Goldwasser, Eliezer Oren)

The Way(s) of Horus in the Saite Period: Tell El-Kedwa and its Key Location Guarding Egypt's Northeastern Frontier (Hesham Hussein, Elsayed Alim)

Preliminary Findings at a Late Old Kingdom Fort in South Sinai, Including the Pottery, from the 2008 Season (Gregory Mumford, Rexine Hummel)

A Satellite Survey of El-Markha Plain and Beyond: Searching for Additional Potential Pharaonic Forts (Sarah Parcak)

Explorations in El-Markha Plain, South Sinai: Preliminary Findings at Tell Markha (Site 346) and Elsewhere (Gregory Mumford)

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