2013. december 6., péntek

Talanta 44 (2012)

Tematikus szám: Recent Research and the Perspectives on the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean

A tartalomból:

Papadopoulos, Angelos, Introduction: Current Research and Perspectives on the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean

Doumas, Christos, The Impact of the Sea on the Greek Language

Yasur-Landau, Assaf, The ‘Feathered Helmets’ of the Sea Peoples: Joining the Iconographic and Archaeological Evidence

Kelder, Jorrit, Ahhiyawa and the World of the Great Kings: A Re-evaluation of Mycenaean Political Structures

Georgakopoulos, Kostas, Minoan-Anatolian relations and the Ahhiyawa question: A re-assessment of the evidence

Kolotourou, Katherina, Musico-cultural amalgamations in the Eastern Mediterranean: A percussive view from the Aegean

Molloy, Barry, The Origins of Plate Armour in the Aegean and Europe

Shaw, Ian, The archaeology of refuse disposal in New Kingdom Egypt: Patterns of production and consumption at el-Amarna

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