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Robert B. Koehl (ed.): Amilla.The Quest for Excellence. Studies Presented to Guenter Kopcke in Celebration of His 75th Birthday. Philadelphia, 2013

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I. Perceiving Ancient Art

Dorothea Arnold: Ancient Egyptian Art: Image and Response

III. Egyptian, Anatolian, and East Mediterranean Bronze Age

Rita E. Freed: Figural Representations from the Predynastic Cemetery at Naga El-Hai and the Origins of Egyptian Style

David O'Connor: Kerma in Nubia, the Last Mystery: The Political and Social Dynamics of an Early Nilotic State

Jak Yakar: The Origins of West Anatolian Early Bronze Age

Elizabeth Simpson: An Early Anatolian Ivory Chair: The Pratt Ivories in the Metropolitan Museum of Art

K. Aslihan Yener: A Plaster-Encased Multiple Burial at Alalakh: Cist Tomb 3017

Celia J. Bergoffen: Red Lustrous Wheelmade and Coarse-Ware Spindle Bottles from Ashkelon

IV. Iron Age Greece, Western Asia, and the Near East

Itamar Singer: "Old Country" Ethnonyms in "New Centuries" of the "Sea Peoples"

Ephraim Stern: Phoenician Clay Figurines Recovered from the Sea in the Hecht Museum Collection

Oscar White Muscarella: The Hasanlu Lovers

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