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Revue d'assyriologie 106-107 (2012-2013) (FsMatthiae)

106 (2012)

M. G. Amadasi Guzzo, Sidon et ses sanctuaires

M. G. Biga - A. M. G. Capomacchia, I testi di Ebla di ARET XI: una rilettura alla luce dei testi paralleli

M. Bonechi, More on the Ebla Gatekeepers

G. Buccellati, Towards a Linguistic Model for Archaeology

A. Catagnoti, In the Aftermath of the War. The Truce between Ebla and Mari (ARET XVI 30) and the Ransom of Prisoners

G. Chambon, Termini technici des textes administratifs d’Ébla : sur le sens de « é-dur(u)₅ki »

D. Charpin, “Temple-palais” et chapelles palatiales en Syrie aux troisième et deuxième millénaires av. J.-C.

P. Charvát, Seals from Near and Far. Notes on the Geographical Horizons of Sealings of Archaic Ur

F. d'Agostino, Some Considerations on u4-da-tuš (bear tamer?) and Jugglery in Ur III

S. Dalley, What did Ut-napišti say when he first caught sight of Gilgamesh?

S. De Martino, Hišni, Prince of Kargamiš

G. del Olmo Lete, KTU 1.169: A Compendium Incantation Tablet Against Black Word Sorcery

J.-M. Durand, Sargon a-t-il détruit la ville de Mari?

F. M. Fales, After Ta‘yinat : the New Status of Esarhaddon's adê for Assyrian Political History

B. R. Foster, A Footrest Fit for a Goddess

P. Fronzaroli, The Eblaic King’s Supplication to the Gods of the Night (TM.75.G.756+ 771+815)

L. Kogan, *naˤr- ‘garçon’ dans une lettre mariote

M. Liverani, “I Constructed Palaces throughout my Country”. Establishing the Assyrian Provincial Order: the Motif and Its Variants

107 (2013)

M. Marazzi, Scrittura: competenza e supporti scrittori fra Egeo, Egitto e Vicino Oriente nel II millennio a.C.

P. Michalowski, From the Collections of an Old Babylonian Literary Connoisseur

C. Mora, Sculptors in or from Hattuša?

D. Owen, Treasures of the Sacristy

J. Pasquali, Symbolique de mort et de renaissance dans les cultes et les rites éblaïtes : dga-na-na, les ancêtres et la royauté

F. Pomponio, Further Considerations on KIŠki in the Ebla texts

S. Ponchia, Riflessioni a cent'anni dalla polemica Babel-Bibel

G. Rubio, SANGA2: A Graphic Story

W. Sallaberger, Der Trinkhalm für Bier: ein präsargonischer Textbeleg

J. Sanmartín, Ars Syra: How to do Things with Words

J. M. Sasson, “It is for this reason that I have not come down to my lord …” Visit Obligations and Vassal Pretexts in the Mari Archives

P. Steinkeller, An Archaic “Prisoner Plaque” from Kiš

M. V. Tonietti, “Ich will den Kopf des Jochanaan”, or the Head of the King of Kakmium

C. Wilcke, Dieser Ur-Namma hier ... Eine auf die Darstellung weisende Statueninschrift

G. Wilhelm, The Dispute on Manumission at Ebla: Why does the Stormgod descend to the Netherworld

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