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David S. Vanderhooft - Abraham Winitzer (eds.), Literature as Politics, Politics as Literature. Essays on the Ancient Near East in Honor of Peter Machinist. Winona Lake

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Fearful Symmetry: The Poetics, Genre, and Form of Lines 109–118, Tablet I in the Poem of Erra (Yoram Cohen)

Menahem’s Reign Before the Assyrian Invasion (2 Kings 15:14–16) (Peter Dubovský)

Ethnicity in the Assyrian Empire: A View from the Nisbe, (I): Foreigners and “Special” Inner Communities (Frederick Mario Fales)

Creation and the Divine Spirit in Babel and Bible: Reflections on mummu in Enūma eliš I 4 and rûah in Genesis 1:2 (Eckart Frahm)

Niṣirti bārûti: une autre approche (Jean-Jacques Glassner)

Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Literatures: A General Introduction (William W. Hallo)

“An Heir Created by Aššur”: Literary Observations on the Rassam Prism (A) of Ashurbanipal (Victor Avigdor Hurowitz*)

Literary-Political Motifs in the Assyrian Royal Inscriptions: Measuring Continuity versus Change (Mario Liverani)

Of Bears and Men: Thoughts on the End of Šulgi’s Reign and on the Ensuing Succession (Piotr Michalowski)

The Prophet and the Augur at Tušhan, 611 b.c. (Martti Nissinen)

Assyria and Judean Identity: Beyond the Religionsgeschichtliche Schule (Eckart Otto)

Psalm 22:16 and Its Sumerian and Akkadian Analogues (Shalom M. Paul)

The Remembrance of Kings Past: The Persona of King Ibbi-Sin (T. M. Sharlach)

Hittite Gods in Egyptian Attire: A Case Study in Cultural Transmission (Itamar Singer*)

How Did Šulgi and Išbi-Erra Ascend to Heaven? (Piotr Steinkeller)

Grammar and Context: Enki & Ninhursag ll. 1–3 and a Rare Sumerian Construction (Christopher Woods)

Towards a Biography of Kish: Notes on Urbanism and Comparison (Norman Yoffee)

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