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Claus Ambos - Lorenzo Verderame (eds.): Approaching Rituals in Ancient Cultures.
Rivista degli Studi Orientali 86 Supplemento 2. Pisa - Roma
  • Claus Ambos, Mesopotamische Baurituale aus dem 1. Jahrtausend v. Chr. Nachträge und Verbesserungen
  • Claus Ambos, Rites of passage in Ancient Mesopotamia: Changing status by moving through space: Bit rimki and the ritual of the substitute king
  • Emanuele M. Ciampini, La dinamica del rituale di Hathor nel tempio della dea a File
  • Federico Contardi, The Reception of Royal and Divine Rituals by Individuals in Egypt of the First Millennium
  • M. Erica Couto-Ferreira, The River, the Oven, the Garden: the Female Body and Fertility in a Late Babylonian Ritual Text
  • Harold M. Hays, The End of Rites of Passage and a Start with Ritual Syntax in Ancient Egypt
  • Patrick Maxime Michel, Ritual in Emar
  • Davide Nadali, When Ritual Meets Art. Rituals in the Visual Arts versus the Visual Arts in Rituals: The Case of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Andreas H. Pries, On the use of a grammar of rituals. Reflections from an Egyptologist’s point of view
  • Anne-Caroline Rendu Loisel, Noise, Light and Smoke: the Sensory Dimension in Akkadian Rituals. A General Overview
  • Giulia Torri, Susanne Görke, Hittite Building Rituals. Interaction between their Ideological Function and Find Spots
  • Lorenzo Verderame, Means of substitution. The use of figurines, animals, and human beings as substitutes in Assyrian rituals

Luiselli, Maria Michela – Mohn, Jürgen – Gripentrog, Stephanie (eds.) Kult und Bild: Die bildliche Dimension des Kultes im Alten Orient, in der Antike und in der Neuzeit. Diskurs Religion 1. Ergon Verlag
  • Maria Michela Luiselli: Images of Personal Religion in Ancient Egypt: An Outline
  • Susanne Bickel: Altägyptische Schöpfungsvorstellungen im Kult: Mythos, Text und Bild

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