2013. október 19., szombat

Workshop on Luwic dialects

Universitat de Barcelona
Section of Indo-European Linguistics - 'Luwic' Dialects Project 

'Luwic' Dialects: Inheritance and Diffusion
Barcelona, October 23, 2013 

9.45 – Opening

10.00 –  José-Virgilio García Trabazo – Luwian morphology: some remaining problems

10.30 – Ilya Yakubovich – Reflexes of the Anatolian -hi conjugation in Lycian

11.00 – Coffee break. 

11.30 –  Miguel Valério – Linear A -du-pu2-re and the Luwic relatives of Hittite Tabarna-/Labarna-: a reassessment 

12.00 – Mariona Vernet – The Lycian inscription N322 from Pinara revisited: a new reading

12.30-13.30 –  Discussion. The ‘Luwic’ Dialects of Indo-European Anatolian Group: Genetic and Areal Approaches (I)

16.30 – Ignasi-Xavier Adiego – Consonant clusters and syllable structure in Caro-memphite 

17.00 – Zsolt Simon – The position of Sidetic 

17.30 – Coffee break 

18.00 –  Alwin Kloekhorst – Lycian qã- and a new Proto-Anatolian sound law

18.30 –19.30 Discussion: The ‘Luwic’ Dialects of  Indo-European Anatolian Group: Genetic and Areal Approaches (II)

19.30-20.00 Conclusions

Lecture Hall: “Sala de Professors”, 5th floor of the  “Edifici Josep Carner”, in the Faculty of Philology (“Historical building of the Universitat de Barcelona”, Plaça Universitat, Barcelona)

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