2013. október 21., hétfő

AoF 39/2 (2012)

Making the Deaf Hear: Hurrian Nouns in =ikkonni (Campbell, Dennis)

The ‘Song of Release’ Twenty-nine Years after its Discovery (de Martino, Stefano)

A New Early Dynastic IIIb Metro-Mathematical Table Tablet of Area Measures from Zabalam (Feliu, Lluís)

MARV IV 119 – ein Vertrag? (Freydank, Helmut)

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Textiles, Gender and Mesopotamian Foundation Figurines (Garcia-Ventura, Agnès)

Pronominal Morphology in the Anatolian Language Family (Kloekhorst, Alwin)

The Stele of Adad-nērārī III and Nergal-ēreš from Dūr-Katlimmu (Tell Šaiḫ Ḥamad) (Radner, Karen)

On the Lexical Background of the Amarna Glosses (Vita, Juan-Pablo)

Writing in Anatolia: The Origins of the Anatolian Hieroglyphs and the Introductions of the Cuneiform Script (Waal, Willemijn)

Very Cordially Hated in Babylonia? Zēria and Rēmūt in the Verse Account (Waerzeggers, Caroline)

The Reading of Luwian ARHA and Related Problems (Yakubovich, Ilya)

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