2013. október 15., kedd

Akkadica 134/1 (2013)

K. Zajdowski: Transformation of the Mesopotamian Banquet Scene into the Presentation Scene in the Early Dynastic, Akkadian and Ur III Periods

D.A. Warburton: A Rejoinder in Favour of an Ultra-Low Chronology

T. Janssen: 1579 oder 1499 - wann fiel Babylon?

J.S. Baldi: What was Missing on the Surface: Time, Chronological Perturbations and Some Retrospective Considerations on the Surface Exploration at Tell Feres Al Sharqi (North-Eastern Syria)

U. Gabbay, M. Sigrist, R. Hobson: Bricks with Cuneiform Inscriptions, Probably from Tell al-Wilaya

C. Liu, C. Lecompte: The Cuneiform Tablet Collection of Truman State University

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