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JEA 98 (2012)

A Journal of Egyptian Archeology 98 (2012) számának tartalomjegyzéke online elérhető

A tartalomból: 

Kemp, B.: Tell el-Amarna 2011-12

Graham, A., Strutt, K. D., Hunter, M. A., Jones, S., Masson, A., Millet, M., Pennington, B. T.: Theban Harbours and Waterscape Survey

Shaw, I.: The Gurob Harem Palace Project, Spring 2012

Meyer, M. De; Dils, P.: Fowl for the Governor: The Tomb of Governor Djehutinakht IV or V at Dayr al-Barsha Reinvestigated, I. Architecture and Archeology

Davies, V.: The Treatment of Foreigners in Seti's Battle Reliefs

Janseln-Winkeln, K.: Zu Sprache und Datierung des Amduat

Mark, S.: The Abydos BG10 Boat and Implications for standardisation, Innovation, and Timber  Conservation in early Dynastic Boat-building

Mekawy Ouda, A. M.: The Canopic Box of  Ns-aA-rwd (BM EA 8539)

Smith, H. S., Davies, S.:  The "Pewenhor" Documents from the Sacred Anima Necropolis at North Saqqara

Zamacona, C. G.: Im.y-wr.t (aA) n p.t and tA-wr (aA)  n tA in the Solar Circuit: Data from the Coffin Texts

Broekman, G. P. F.: The Theban High-Priestly Succession in the First Half of the Twenty-First Dynasty

Ebeid, M.: A New Demotic Private Letter from Hermopolis 

Stevenson, A.: The A-Group Cemeterey at Tunqala West 

von Lieven, A.: Book of the Dead, Book of the Living: BD Spells at Temple Texts

Hsu, S-W.: The Development of Ancient Egyptian Royal Inscriptions

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