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Februári könyvajánló / February book news

M. Sigrist – T. Ozaki, Administrative Ur III Texts in the British Museum 1-2Periodic Publications on Ancient Civilizations 5. Changchun, The  Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations

I. Baglioni (ed.), Monstra 1 (Egitto, Vicino Oriente Antico, Area Storico-Comparativa). Costruzione e percezione delle entità ibride e mostruose nel Mediterraneo antico. 2013.

Ph. J. Turner, Seth – A Misrepresented God in the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon?. BAR S2473. Oxford

G. Frame, The Archive of Mušēzib-Marduk Son of Kiribtu and Descendant of Sîn-nāṣirA Landowner and Property Developer at Uruk in the Seventh Century BCBabylonische Archive 5. Dresden

R. Klemm - D. Klemm, Gold and Gold Mining in Ancient Egypt and Nubia. Geoarchaeology of the Ancient Gold Mining Sites in the Egyptian and Sudanese Eastern Deserts2013

D. B. Weisberg, Leaders and Legacies in Assyriology and Bible: The Collected Studies of David B. Weisberg. Winona Lake

C. Sauvage, Routes maritimes et systèmes d’échanges internationaux au Bronze récent en Méditerranée orientaleLyon

W.S. van Egmond - W.H. van Soldt (eds.), Theory and Practice of Knowledge Transfer. Studies in School Education in the Ancient Near East and BeyondPapers read at a Symposium in Leiden, 17-19 December 2008PIHANS 121. Leiden

M. E. Aubet: Commerce and Colonization in the Ancient Near East. Cambridge

H. Neumann (ed.), Wissenskultur im Alten Orient. Weltanschauung, Wissenschaften, Techniken, Technologien. 4. Internationales Colloquium der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft 20.-22. Februar 2002, MünsterColloquien der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft 4. Wiesbaden

S. R. Hauser, Status, Tod und Ritual. Stadt- und Sozialstruktur Assurs in neuassyrischer Zeit. Wiesbaden

H. Weiss,  Seven Generations Since the Fall of AkkadStudia Chaburensia 3. Wiesbaden

P. Pfälzner et al. (ed.), (Re-)Constructing Funerary Rituals in the Ancient Near East. Proceedings of the First International Symposium of the Tübingen Post-Graduate School “Symbols of the Dead” in May 2009Qatna Studien Supplementa 1. Wiesbaden

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