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Előadás az ELTE-n

Az ELTE BTK Egyiptológia Tanszék és a CEU Medievisztika Tanszék  tisztelettel meghívja Önt 

2013. március 4-én hétfőn 14 órára 

Raffaella Cribiore (New York University)


Literary Texts from Roman Trimithis 
(Dakhla Oasis, Egypt)

ELTE BTK Budapest, VIII. ker. Múzeum krt. 4/B épület félemelet 172-es előadó

The Egyptology Department of Eötvös Loránd University  and the Medieval Studies Department of Central European University cordially invite you to a lecture by 

Raffaella Cribiore (New York University)

 Literary Texts from Roman Trimithis 
(Dakhla Oasis, Egypt)

On Monday 4 March at 2 pm
Lecture Hall 172
ELTE BTK, Budapest, VIIIth district , Múzeum krt. 4/B.

An archaeological mission (based at New York University) is excavating the site of Amheida, the ancient Trimithis, in the Western part of the Dakhla Oasis in the western desert of Egypt. During the Roman Period the settlement flourished; it was abandoned around the end of the 4th or the beginning of the 5th century. One of the three areas of excavation to date has been a fourth-century private residence and the buildings surrounding it. This house belonged to an upper-class family, that of the councilor Serenos. Adjacent to it there was a school of higher education of at least three rooms dating to the second quarter of the fourth century. At a later time, Serenos annexed it. The house was rich in mythological paintings and in one of the rooms a graffito with a verse from Euripides was found. In the school, where benches were built everywhere, literary texts were written on the walls: epigrams exhorting students to ascend the hill of rhetoric, verses from Homer’s Odyssey, and a composition based on a text from Plutarch. These texts written are a further proof that teaching and learning took place there and confirm that they belong to the only building so far discovered from antiquity that was certainly a school and showed educational activities.

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És egy kapcsolódó friss tanulmány, amit érdemes lehet átfutni az előadás előtt: A. L. Boozer: Globalizing Mediterranean Identities. The Overlapping Spheres of Egyptian, Greek and Roman Worlds at Trimithis. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 25/2 (2012) 219-242.